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Information Security Management for Business Managers
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A new book by Tom Olzak

Just Enough Security:
Information Security for Business Managers

The Just Enough Security (JES) approach to
information assurance is based on the belief
that no one safeguard can completely protect
your critical information assets from a highly
motivated threat.  The JES security model
combines multiple layers of safeguards with
simple risk management tools to help you
achieve both the security of your information
assets and a return on your security

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Erudio Security's mission is to assist and educate business and technology
managers to implement just enough security.  Just enough security (JES) is the
level of protection that achieves an effective balance between security constraints
and operational efficiency while providing a return on your security investment. To
accomplish these goals, we publish free and for-fee podcasts, books, papers, and
security training courses.  For more information about these services, visit

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